01. You shouldn't really [commit] yourself until you have all the facts.
02. Police believe the murder was [committed] by two men who were known to the victim.
03. I was offered a job at a company in Chicago, but I didn't accept it because they wanted me to make a [commitment] to stay there at least 2 years, and I couldn't guarantee that I would stay that long.
04. She broke up with her boyfriend because he didn't seem to want to make the [commitment] to having a serious relationship.
05. Are you sure you want to get a puppy? Owning a dog is a serious [commitment]; you'll have to walk him everyday, clean up after him, give him affection, and just generally spend a lot of time with him.
06. Switzerland has long retained its [commitment] to neutrality in conflicts between its neighbors.
07. The young man [committed] suicide because his parents wouldn't accept his homosexuality.
08. The government has [committed] itself to calling an election within a year.
09. He is a [committed] communist who firmly believes in state ownership of all property.
10. I really can't [commit] myself to coaching my son's baseball team this year. I just have too many other things to do.
11. Her family [commitments] have prevented her from taking on a full-time job.
12. Your [commitment] to the project has been a big part of the reason for its success.
13. The United Nations has suggested that the richer countries of the world need to [commit] more money to the elimination of starvation in the developing world.
14. There is a Saudi Arabian proverb which states that he who has approved of wrongdoing is as guilty as he who has [committed] it.
15. Rock musician Jim Morrison once said that the most loving parents and relatives [commit] murder with smiles on their faces. They force us to destroy the person we really are.
16. Bill Cosby once said that having a child is surely the most beautifully irrational act that two people in love can [commit].
17. According to a recent study, many more crimes are [committed] in the hot summer months than in the cold winter months.
18. Socrates, Nero, Mark Anthony, Cleopatra, Vincent van Gogh, Marilyn Monroe and Adolf Hitler all [committed] suicide.
19. Jack the Ripper, the notorious murderer in nineteenth-century England, only [committed] his crimes on weekends.
20. Police now believe that the robbery was [committed] with the help of someone working in the bank.
21. He is suspected of having [committed] a number of robberies around town, in addition to this latest charge of drug trafficking.
22. Henry Buckle once said that society prepares the crime, and the criminal [commits] it.
23. Our company policy states that we are [committed] to fairness and honesty in all our dealings.
24. By getting married, one person deepens his or her [commitment] to the other.
25. Bhutan, China, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and other nations of Asia and the Pacific are making substantial [commitments] to conserving their natural resources.
26. The Prime Minister made a [commitment] to increase health care spending if re-elected.
27. You are [committing] a big mistake by marrying that idiot!
28. David Boyd has suggested that a nation's [commitment] to sustainability can be measured by the amount of money budgeted for environmental protection.
29. She was able to [commit] her entire five-page speech to memory.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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